Claudio T. Silva

Professor, Tandon School of Engineering
Interim Director, Center for Data Science
Head of Disciplines, Center for Urban Science & Progress
Associated Faculty, Center for Data Science
Affiliated Faculty, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University

(646) 997-4093 (Tandon)
(212) 998-3313 (CDS)
Email: [first letter of my first name][last name] [at]

For additional assistance contact:
Ann Messinger, (646) 997-4057, email: [first name].[last name] [at]


3/1/2014: MLBAM introduces new way to analyze every play (includes contributions from joint work with Dr. Carlos Dietrich)
3/4/2014: Interview at MLBAM (video clip)
3/5/2014: Billy Beane Expects Big Things from MLB's Big Data Play
4/30/2014: Cameras Are The Future (Of Front Office Decisions In Sports)
8/2014: David Koop (previous PhD student and staff) joins the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
8/2014: Carlos Scheidegger (previous PhD student) joins the University of Arizona
8/5/2014: VIS 2014 visualization conference selects 8 NYU School of Engineering papers
10/31/2014: Can Baseball Get More Interesting to Watch With Big Data?
11/12/14: 2014 Visualization Technical Achievement Award
1/12/15: Juliana Freire elected ACM Fellow
1/15: Rumi Chunara joins NYU School of Engineering and NYU Global Institute of Public Health
2/28/15: Statcast wins prestigious Alpha Award for innovation
3/1/15: Guido Gerig is joining NYU School of Engineering this summer
3/4/15:UV-CDAT team wins Federal Laboratory Consortium Interagency Partnership Award
3/20/15: Aritra Dasgupta (NYU postdoc) joining DOE Pacific Northwest National Laboratory as a research scientist
3/31/15: Jorge Poco (NYU PhD student) joining Jeff Heer group at the University of Washington as a postdoc
4/8/15: NYU is collaborating with McGraw-Hill Education on adaptive learning technology
4/20/15: Data Deluge: MLB Rolls out Statcast Analytics on Tuesday
4/24/15: Yunzhe Jia (NYU MS student) receives Courant's Matthew Smosna Prize for excellence in computer science
4/26/15: Nivan Ferreira (NYU PhD student) receives Pearl Brownstein Doctoral Research Award
5/1/15: I was elected chair of the IEEE Technical Committee on Visualization and Graphics (VGTC)
5/2/15: (Economist on Statcast): Every step they take
5/21/15: Theo Damoulas (NYU CUSP Research Assistant Professor) joining the University of Warwick (UK)
5/26/15: Keynote address at EuroVis 2015 in Cagliari
6/13/15: Nivan Ferreira defends his PhD thesis (topic: Spatial-Temporal Visualization & Analytics)
6/13/15: Jorge Poco defends his PhD thesis (topic: Climate Data Visualization)
6/13/15: Nivan Ferreira joining the University of Arizona as a postdoc
8/3/15: Do not spoil the unsuccessful city buildings (in Russian)
8/12/15: Claudio Silva: The future of the interdisciplinary approach, capable of solving complex problems of cities (in Russian)
8/24/15: Huy T. Vo joins City University of New York as assistant professor
9/10/15: Interview at archspeech (in Russian)
10/8/15: How the cloud gives Major League Baseball a new world of stats (The Baseball Metrics Engine BME is joint work with Carlos Dietrich)
12/1/15: TaxiVis is now available on GitHub! Check it out
1/7/16: Our book (joint with Etiene and Kirby) on verifiable visualizations has been published: book. Remember to check out Tiago's code.
6/13/16: Nivan Ferreira joining the Federal University of Pernambuco as professor
10/22/16: (Economist on Urban Pulse): Listen to the music of the traffic in the city

Research Interests

Big Data and Urban Systems
Visualization and Data Analysis
Sports Analytics & Visualization
Geometry Processing


Fall 2013: Principles of Urban Informatics

Fall 2008: Scientific Visualization (offered at the University of Utah)


Claudio T. Silva is a professor of computer science and engineering and data science at New York University. His research interests include visualization, visual analytics, reproducibility and provenance, geometric computing, data science/big data, sports analytics, urban computing and computer graphics. He has held positions in academia and industry, including at AT&T, IBM, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Sandia National Labs, and the University of Utah. Claudio has advised 15 PhD and 8 MS students, and mentored 6 post-doctoral associates. He has published over 220 journal and conference papers, is an inventor of 12 US patents, and authored 12 papers that have received "Best Paper Awards" (including honorable mentions). He has over 10,000 citations according to Google Scholar. He is an IEEE Fellow and was the recipient of the 2014 IEEE Visualization Technical Achievement Award "in recognition of seminal advances in geometric computing for visualization and for contributions to the development of the VisTrails data exploration system." Claudio's research has been funded by NSF, DOE, NIH, NASA, DOD, AT&T, IBM, ExxonMobil, McGraw-Hill Education, MLBAM, Moore Foundation, Sloan Foundation, LLNL, Sandia, Los Alamos, State of Utah, University of Utah, Center for Urban Science and Progress, and New York University.

Select Honors (that my students received)

2015 Pearl Brownstein Doctoral Research Award: Nivan Ferreira
2015 Matthew Smosna Prize for excellence in computer science: Yunzhe Jia
2014 Deborah Rosenthal, MD Award (outstanding performance on the PhD qualifying examination): Fernando Chirigati
1st place, Greater New York ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest: Bowen Yu
2013 VPG (Visualization) Best Dissertation Finalist: Tiago Etiene
2013 Deborah Rosenthal, MD Award (outstanding performance on the PhD qualifying examination): Nivan Ferreira
NVIDIA Fellowship: Huy T. Vo
SMART (Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation) Fellowship: Matt Berger
NSF Graduate Fellowship: Claurissa Tuttle
IBM Ph.D. Fellowship: Carlos Scheidegger
University of Utah Graduate Research Fellowship: Steve Callahan
Fullbright/CAPES Fellowship: Emanuele Santos
Vietman Foundation Fellowship (VEF): Linh K. Ha

Select Honors

Best paper honourable mention award, EuroVis 2013
IBM Faculty Award 2013
IEEE Fellow, 2013
Best paper award, SIBGRAPI 2012
Best panel award, IEEE VisWeek 2011
Best paper award (2nd prize), EuroVis 2011
Best paper award, ACM Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization 2011
Finalist, Executable Paper Grand Challenge, 2011
Best paper award, EUROGRAPHICS 2010 Educator Program
Best poster award, 24th Brazilian Symposium On Databases (SBBD 2009)
2009 Utah Innovation Awards, VisTrails Provenance Plugin for Autodesk Maya
Best paper award, IEEE Shape Modeling International 2008
Best paper award, IEEE Visualization 2007
Best paper finalist, IEEE Shape Modeling International 2007
Dean's Teaching Commendation, Spring 2007
IBM Faculty Award, 2005, 2006, and 2007
National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral CISE Associateship Award, 1996--1997
1st place, Entrance exam, Mathematics, Federal University of Ceara, Brazil

Students and Postdocs

(Most supervised theses are available online)

Fernando Chirigati (Ph.D., post quals; Co-advised with Juliana Freire)
Nivan Ferreira (Ph.D., post quals)
Jorge Poco (Ph.D., post quals)
Fabio Miranda (Ph.D., post quals)
Bowen Yu (Ph.D., post quals)
Cesar Palomo (Ph.D., post quals)
Harish Doraiswamy (Post-doc, 2012-; Co-advised with Juliana Freire)
Aritra Dasgupta (Post-doc, 2012-2015)
Guillaume Vialaneix (Post-doc, 2013-2014)
Esdras Medeiros (Post-doc, 2012; Co-advised with Denis Zorin)

Wendel Silva (M.S., 2013)
Jonathas Costa (M.S., 2013)
Daniel K. Osmari (M.S., 2013)
Lauro Lins (Post-doc, 2011-12; Co-advised with Juliana Freire)
Joel D. Daniels II (Post-doc, 2011)
Sinesio Pesco (Post-doc, 2012)

PUC-Rio (Brazil):
Lis Ingrid Roque Lopes (Ph.D., 2014; Co-advised with Sinesio Pesco)

University of Utah:
Tiago Etiene (Ph.D., 2013)
Matt Berger (Ph.D., 2012)
Erik Anderson (Ph.D., 2011)
David Koop (Ph.D., 2011; Co-advised with Juliana Freire)
Huy T. Vo (Ph.D., 2011)
Linh K. Ha (Ph.D., 2011; Co-advised with Sarang Joshi and Jens Krueger)
Claurissa Tuttle (M.S., 2011)
Emanuele Santos (Ph.D., 2010; Co-advised with Juliana Freire)
Hao Wang (M.S.--project option, 2010).
Carlos Scheidegger (Ph.D., 2009)
Joel D. Daniels II (Ph.D., 2009; Co-advised with Elaine Cohen)
Tilo Ochotta (Post-doc, 2008--2009)
John Schreiner (Ph.D., 2008)
Steven P. Callahan (Ph.D., 2008)
Heballa Benan Alzahawi (M.S.--project option, 2008)
Lauro Lins (Post-doc, 2007-2011; Co-advised with Juliana Freire))
Yuan Zhou (Post-doc, 2007--2008)
Louis Bavoil (M.S--thesis option, 2006)
Steven P. Callahan (M.S.--thesis option, 2005)
Shachar Fleishman (Post-doc, 2004--2005)
Sinesio Pesco (Post-doc, 2003--2004)
Dirce Uesu (Post-doc, 2003--2004)

Wagner Correa (Ph.D., 2003; Co-advised with Szymon Rusinkiewicz)

SUNY-Stony Brook:
Ricardo Farias (Ph.D., 2001; Co-advised with Joseph Mitchell)
Tsung-Chin Ho (Ph.D., 2001; Co-advised with Joseph Mitchell)


Supervised Theses
Online papers (very outdated)

Google Scholar profile

Selected Recent Publications

"State of the Art in Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds", M. Berger, A. Tagliasacchi, L. M. Seversky, P. Alliez, J. A. Levine, A. Sharf and C. Silva, Eurographics STAR (Proc. of EG'14), 2014.

"Visual exploration of big spatio-temporal urban data: a study of new york city taxi trips", N. Ferreira, J. Poco, H. T. Vo, J. Freire, and C. Silva, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 19(12): 2149-2158, 2013.

"Vector Field k-Means: Clustering Trajectories by Fitting Multiple Vector Fields", N. Ferreira, J. T. Klosowski, C. Scheidegger, and C. Silva, Computer Graphics Forum, 32(3): 201-210, 2013. Best paper honorable mention

"A Benchmark for Surface Reconstruction", M. Berger, J. Levine, L. G. Nonato, G. Taubin, and C. Silva, ACM Transactions on Graphics, 32(2), 20:1-17, 2013.

"Baseball4D: A Tool for Baseball Game Reconstruction & Visualization", C. Dietrich, D. Koop, H. Vo, and C. Silva, Proceedings of VAST 2014. Short video: vast2014.mp4


Our research is (or has been) funded by the Department of Energy under BER, SciDAC program (SDM and VACET projects), Sandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, IBM Faculty Awards, NYU-Poly and the University of Utah.